The second report of First Four COVID-19 Patients of Rangamati is negative

There is a Very Good news come from Chittagong BIDIT on Today. The second test report of first four COVID-19 affected people of Rangamati is negative Now.

After the second test report of the two was negative on Sunday, the report of the other two was negative on Monday afternoon, said Dr. Mostafa Kamal, focal person for corona at the Rangamati Civil Surgeon’s Office.

This is the second test report, he said. Now we will wait for the third test report. All four will remain in their current condition until the report of the third test is received.

Dr. Motafa Also said, 461 samples have been collected and sent from Rangamati district. Of these, 301 were reported. Four of these reports came back positive on May 6. The next day, the Civil surgeon’s office of Rangamati collected the second sample and sent it.

Two of the sample reports, a nurse at Rangamati Sadar Hospital and a worker from the Molrapara area adjacent to the hospital, came negative on Sunday (May 10th).

The next day (May 11), a 9-month-old child from Patharghata No. 1 in Reserve Bazar and a 19-year-old youth from Debashishnagar reported negatively.

However, the Rangamati Civil Surgeon’s Office has already confirmed that, all the four have collected samples for the third examination and sent them back to Chittagong BIDIT.

If the report of the third test also has a negative result, then these four will be declared as COVID-19 free. Until then, they will have to stay in the current lockdown.

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