Shaheed Abdul Ali’s 49th Martyrdom anniversary today

Today is the 49th martyrdom anniversary of Shaheed M Abdul Ali, the organizer of the war of liberation in the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

Martyr M Abdul Ali was born in February 1926 in Baliakandi village of Makchedpur police station in Gopalganj subdivision of Faridpur district.

He joined as Rangamati sub-divisional administrator in November 1970.

When the war of liberation broke out in 1971, senior government officials crossed the border for security, but sub-divisional administrator M Abdul Ali did not leave Rangamati.

As an organizer of the war of liberation, he came out in full swing in the hill district of Rangamati. He has organized students and youths for the liberation war.

On 18 April, he was captured by the Pakistani aggressors along with arms and ammunition. Then he was brutally tortured. He was tied with a long rope behind the jeep and scattered in Rangamati town.

Finally, after 12 days of brutal torture, on April 26, the late M Abdul Ali was cut into pieces and packed and dumped in Kaptai Lake.

After the independence of the country, the Quaid-e-Azam Memorial Academy in the city was renamed as “Shaheed Abdul Ali Academy”. The history of heroism and self-sacrifice of this hero of the great freedom struggle was suppressed for a long time, In 2014, the news about him was first published on the Chittagong Hill Tracts-based online daily Pahar24.com.

Later, young writer and journalist Yasin Rana Sohel published his autobiography titled “M Shahid Ali M Abdul Ali, the fearless hero of the great freedom struggle”.

Since then, the history of the sacrifices of these martyrs has received a wide response everywhere. The matter was brought to the notice of the government through the Deputy Commissioner.

As a result, the government posthumously awarded this heroic martyr posthumously in 2016 for his outstanding and impeccable contribution to the freedom struggle.

And this is the first Independence Medal in the three hill districts. After 45 years of independence, the hill people have tasted the highest state honor, the Independence Medal.

Martyrdom anniversary from Shaheed Abdul Ali Academy postponed this year due to global corona virus infection

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